Boot Camp Skin Program

Summary – 12 Week Program

The Euphoria Skin Boot Camp is a 12-week skin program that is completely customised to target your specific skin concerns, offering incredible results that you will have to see to believe… and we promise, no burpees are required at our boot camp!

This intensive skin program offers the flexibility to utilise a mixture of Healite, Skin Prescriptive Treatments and Enzyme Therapy: whichever treatments are best suited to the skin concerns. Your therapist will advise on the best options for you.

Your treatment program will start with a skin consultation by your personal skin therapist, allowing a customised treatment prescription to be devised. This will translate to weekly treatments (of up to 90 minutes) being performed by your therapist, incorporating the treatments best suited to target your skin concerns and focus on reaching (and exceeding!) your skin goals – all within a known budget.

And what treatments can you expect to enjoy as part of this skin transformation? Let us give you a little run down:

Enzyme Therapy

This Paramedical super treatment offers serious results! Enzyme therapy treatments improve the skin’s ability to function, restoring cellular nutrition and oxygenation to the skin. The result? Your skin will instantly look plump and refreshed, and your skin’s ability to detoxify itself is given a helpful kick-start, allowing it to function at its best.

Healite LED Light Therapy

Healite is a technology-based skin rejuvenating treatment that is safe, pain-free, non-invasive and soothing. It is used to improve certain skin conditions, and offers a great way to maintain and improve your skin’s appearance. It helps to treat acne breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles, post inflammatory scarring and rosacea. It will not only help minimise acne, but also soothe your skin and reduce both redness and inflammation. The great thing about LED is there is absolutely no down time. You can apply your makeup straight after a session, and you are good to go!

Muscle Banding

The optimal treatment for targeting the appearance of ageing, Muscle Banding acts in advance to help prevent the onset of ageing. These treatments lift and firm the skin, while working below the surface to restore optimal skin function: the key to healthy, firm skin.

Here’s what a Boot Camp Skin Program for AGE MANAGEMENT looks like:

Week 1: Enzyme Therapy with Healite (valued at $229)
Week 2: Muscle Banding (valued at $265)
Week 3: Enzyme Therapy with with Healite (valued at $229)
Week 4: Muscle Banding (valued at $265)
Week 5: Muscle Banding (valued at $265)
Week 6: Muscle Banding (valued at $265)
Week 7: Enzyme Therapy with Healite (valued at $229)
Week 8: Muscle Banding (valued at $265)
Week 9: Enzyme Therapy with Healite (valued at $229)
Week 10: Muscle Banding (valued at $265)
Week 11: Enzyme Therapy with Healite (valued at $229)
Week 12: Muscle Banding (valued at $265)

Total Value: $3177
Cost of program: $2000

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The treatment cost is $2000, and a payment plan is available.

Terms and conditions apply – please contact us to ask us for more information.

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