Vitamin C – a Girl’s Best Friend


You’ve probably heard of collagen. Even if you haven’t, you’re probably more familiar with it than you might think. You see, it is responsible for keeping your skin firm and tight, minimising lines and wrinkles. We love collagen!

However, scarily, our collagen production starts decreasing as soon as we turn 20. Argh! The skin then continues to lose 1% of collagen each year. While 1% isn’t a terrifyingly huge amount, by the time we are 60… yeah, you get the idea.

Introducing Vitamin C!

After reading that you are probably thinking, ‘what the hell can I do to prevent this?’ or ‘what can I do to increase the collagen I have already lost?’ Well, drum roll, please… let me introduce you to your new bestie, Vitamin C!

Our skin’s dermis (the deeper layers of the skin) house fibroblast cells. These cells are responsible for creating collagen and elastin. But as we age, these cells don’t function as well as they once did and so we need to give them a little encouragement and remind them that we need them to work… and work hard! Vitamin C will do exactly this. It does it by kicking the fibroblast cells into gear, stimulating collagen synthesis – resulting in firmer, more bouncy, and youthful-looking skin!

That alone is enough reason to smother ourselves in Vitamin C, but this powerful ingredient also offers a range of other benefits including:

  • ​ Helping to stop the formation of pigmentation
  • ​ Strengthening capillary walls for stronger skin
  • ​ Naturally offering a defense against UV, although sunscreen is still a must for deeper protection
  • ​ Helping the skin form new tissue, making it an excellent booster in the wound healing process
  • ​ Being a powerful antioxidant, protecting our skin against free radical damage

Vitamin C seriously has our backs when it comes to protecting the skin and minimising the effects of skin aging. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to simply squeeze an orange to have with your breakfast every day; a quality source of Vitamin C needs to be applied topically to the skin to achieve effective results.    

Luckily we have some incredible Vitamin C Serums available in the clinic. All have strong anti-aging and antioxidant properties. Specifically designed to help produce new collagen, restoring the fluid balancing of your skin to create a plumper and more replenished skin, visibly improving both texture and firmness. This firmness is what gives you a more radiant and youthful appearance. Yes, please!