Are Paramedical Skin Treatments Scary, Or Do They Offer Amazing Results?

We promise you – despite the slightly scary-sounding name, paramedical treatments are definitely NOT scary! Rather, they are highly specialised and move treatments from pampering with limited anti-ageing benefits into an exciting new space of highly effective results, performed by skin professionals with advanced training and experience.

Paramedical treatments and products work to REVISE the functioning of the skin by regulating dysfunctions that cause the skin to look as it does – whether that is acne, rosacea, uneven skin tone, ageing or rough dry skin. By regulating these dysfunctions, paramedical treatments and skincare products instigate better skin functioning.

Think of the skin as a factory, working too slowly (skin shows signs of ageing) or working too fast (causing acne and eczema). We assess the underlying issues with the aim of encouraging the factory to work at its best on every level. So, paramedical skin treatments do not focus on a skin condition as such but aim to encourage ALL skin to work at its full capacity as it is naturally intended to.

Our go-to paramedical skin treatments are our Euphoria Beauty Signature Enzyme Therapy options. These treatments are designed to work on revising difficult skin conditions, ensuring we address the core of the problem and are able to help achieve real, long-term results – and, most importantly, to maintain those results.

Your paramedical treatment at Euphoria Skin will still have the relaxing qualities you have come to expect from traditional facials. The difference is that as technology advances, it allows more powerful ingredients to be used in products and treatments, penetrating deeper into the skin and producing better results, faster.

To allow you to continue achieving results between appointments, our DMK paramedical take-home products contain very high levels of medically and clinically documented ingredients such as Peptides, Vitamins A & C, AHAs and antioxidants. Due to their potency, paramedical skincare ranges require skin consults to prescribe the best treatment options for your skin’s needs. We encourage you to contact us to find out how you can take your skin to the next level.