Beta Gel: Skin’s Immunity at Its Best

So we all know that our body has an immune system, to protect us from harmful elements and germs, right? But did you know, our immune system isn’t just one immune system, but a series of immune systems? Our skin – the body’s largest organ – has its own immune system. The skin has an inflammatory aspect, and it’s part of the immune system’s job to make sure that our bodies are protected against irritants and pathogens, and that it also initiates the healing process. So, what happens when our skin’s inflammatory system is dysfunctional? You guessed it. When there’s something wrong with the immunity in the skin, you will see redness, irritation, inflammation, eczema, etc. Luckily, we can strengthen the skin’s weakened immunity. Drum roll please… and enter Beta Gel.

What is Beta Gel?

Beta Gel is a hydrating topical skin care gel that reduces inflammation in the skin and increases your skin’s healing abilities while strengthening the skin’s immune system. It’s founded on the key ingredient Betaglucan: which works to protect and repair the skin’s immune system, as well as to stimulate Langerhans cells which in turn will help reduce swelling, redness, and inflammation. It’s vital that our Langerhans cells remain active at all times for continuous cell growth, but as we age, so do Langerhans cells. Beta Gel is like food for Langerhans cells: it helps to stimulate Langerhans cells to work at their maximum capacity. They are then capable of acting to reverse the damage done to cell DNA that results from excess sun exposure. This means that Beta Gel is also highly effective for treating pigmentation.

Which Skin Conditions Will Benefit from Beta Gel?

This little baby is good for everyone, but to be more specific, if you have dehydrated or prematurely aged skin; if you’re a smoker; if your skin is slow to heal, or you have psoriasis or eczema; if you are undergoing a skin revision program; then Beta Gel is a must. I assure you. You won’t regret it.

Beta Gel & LED | 5 Weeks Apart

How does Beta Gel Compare To Other Hydrating Products?

The three main hydrating serums we recommend in the clinic include:

  • DMK Beta Gel – Our go-to when it comes to building your skin’s immunity. When repair is needed – Beta Gel to the rescue!
  • Lira Bio Hydra C – This is not only hydrating but it is also packed full of anti-oxidants, including your daily dose of Vitamin C
  • Ultraceuticals B2 Serum – If your skin is ever feeling dry, you want to reach for this to increase skin plumpness, silkiness, and hydration