DMK Skin Treatments Have Arrived at Euphoria Skin!

I am OBSESSED with our NEW signature DMK Enzyme Therapy Skin Treatment, so I wanted to give you the lowdown on how it is so different to anything we have ever offered before. It’s time to treat the skin, both inside and out! Let me break down why these treatments are just so good!

DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatments work on the internal systems and structures of the skin. If you think of the skin like a factory, underneath there are processes that take place to produce the best possible quality end product – the skin we want to see. The treatments stimulate blood and lymphatic flow, which are the two main circulations of the body. It may sound weird, but healthy circulation is really important for great skin! The blood stimulation feeds nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood and the lymphatics remove toxins, waste and debris from in and around the cells. Hello, flawless skin!

Our Enzyme Therapy Treatments also recharge the skin cell ‘battery packs’, which create the skin’s energy. The treatments increase hydration in the skin and the results are quite amazing, even after your first enzyme experience: the skin looks bright, vibrant and glowing. These treatments are amazing, and they are addictive!

DMK treatments can be performed on a wide variety of common skin conditions, including acne, congestion, pigmentation, age management, reactive skins, rosacea, and scarring. They are beneficial for every skin; yep, absolutely everyone will experience incredible results.

Here’s what one of our beautiful clients had to say regarding her first experience:

“After just one Enzyme therapy treatment, my skin has never felt better. Instantly it was noticeably firmer, brighter, luminous and has a much more even texture. I’ve even been receiving compliments about how wonderful my skin looks from my friends and family!” – Kerrie