Essential (?) Fatty Acids

The best skincare plan is a holistic approach which focuses on both how you treat your skin externally, and what you put into your body. Most people are familiar with topical options for improving our complexion, but most people assume that our diet provides us with everything else we need for healthy skin. The only problem is that it doesn’t, no matter how healthy we think we eat. This is where Essential Fatty Acids enter the picture.

What are ‘Essential Fatty Acids’, and Why Do I need Them?

Essential Fatty Acids (a.k.a. EFAs) are labelled ‘essential’ as they are the fatty acids we NEED TO CONSUME since our bodies can’t produce them on their own. This means that we must ingest them because they’re not getting made any other way. EFAs improve the structural integrity of the skin, which makes them the ideal companion when undergoing DMK treatments. They are particularly useful for acne, dryness, rosacea, eczema, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and skin discolouration; all of these issues stem from a lack of EFAs on a cellular level.

So What Can We Do to Make Sure Our Skin Doesn’t Miss Out on the Benefits of EFAs?

EFA supplements are the sure-fire way to ensure our skin is getting access to what it requires. When we provide our bodies with enough EFAs, it encourages all sorts of good things to happen:

  • our skin is able to flourish with a bright glow
  • we shed the skin we no longer need
  • we flush out the toxins that are building up
  • we are better able to absorb nutrients
  • we are giving our skin the tools to naturally protect itself against harmful elements and bacteria
  • we have incredible groth with our hair and nails

How DMK’s EFA Ultra Is Different

The secret to perfect skin is not only achievable but maintainable when sufficient EFAs are finding their way to your skin. DMK EFA Ultra supplements are made especially with skin in mind, and the health benefits of the EFA Ultra go beyond a standard essential fatty acid supplement. It also provides a concentrated source of high-quality EFAs derived from Evening Primrose and Sea Buckthorn Seed, Coconut Oil and Mekabu Seaweed Extract. EFA Ultra Supplements provide more than 190 nutrients and bioactive substances. With regular use, you will be rewarded with a glowing complexion that is resilient, strong and amazingly receptive to any additional products and treatments that you use. Plus there are all sorts of benefits for your gut, your heart, your joints and your brain – not just your skin! If you’re looking for a truly fool-proof skin regimen, make sure you focus on a holistic approach to skincare. Treat your body right inside and out, and you’ll find it easy to maintain healthy, vibrant skin all the time.