Gracie’s Acne Journey

Get the tissues ready, this one’s a tear jerker.

Looking at this photo of Gracie, it is hard to believe that this beautiful teenager once hid her stunning face from the world. As many of you can relate to, the acne she had struggled with for years was shattering her self-confidence. But this story does have a happy ending, we promise!  

Gracie’s Story            

Before you came to Euphoria Skin, how did your skin make you feel? Self-conscious. I felt like everyone was looking at my bumpy skin all the time. I couldn’t wear makeup without it making my skin look worse, but I desperately wanted to cover it and I would always wear my hair covering my face. Thinking back, it makes me want to cry. It was all I would think about before leaving the house.

How did you come across Euphoria Skin and why did you seek our help?
I WAS OVER IT! I had tried so many other treatments and even resorted to medication to fix my acne and to be honest, I found it hard to believe it would be any different at Euphoria Skin. I had been following Skin Fairy on Instagram and saw the results DMK was giving their clients. I then searched for the closest DMK clinic to me, that’s how I came across Euphoria Skin.

How did you feel when you came into Euphoria Skin for your first visit and consult?
I did have reservations, as I’d tried so many different avenues to fix my skin in the past. My dream was to have clear skin for my school formal. I found it hard to believe that I would get results in time for my formal as it was only 4 months away. But I had complete trust in Natalie even from my first consult, because she clearly knew what she was talking about.

Gracie’s skin at her consult

Gracie 2 month mark


These incredible results are in just under 4 months! As we know skin best, we were excited to work with Gracie to improve the breakouts, buildup of keratin and also eventually the scarring caused by her acne. We have begun Gracie’s journey, which is focused to REMOVE and REBUILD her skin with weekly Enzyme Therapy then moving onto fortnightly treatments which included Dermapen Skin Needling Treatments and further Enzyme Therapy, restoring the skin to its optimal function. Gracie took care of the MAINTAIN & PROTECT stage at home by using her prescribed skincare products. This has to be one of my favourite skin journeys to date! A special thank you to Gracie for sharing her story. Love always Nat xx