My Inspirational LA & Mexico Trip with Danne, Founder of DMK

As many of you may know, I was recently given the opportunity to travel to LA and Mexico with DMK. The week’s experience was incredible, spending it with the man himself, Danne Montague King. While I am back at work now (and so excited to catch up with our lovely clients!), I am still on an absolute high from what I experienced and how inspirational it was for me. So I thought I would reach out and share some of the highlights with you.  

This was the first-ever DMK international retreat, bringing together a team from 30 different countries, with over 40 years of experience. It was also a celebration of DMK’s founder and mastermind, Danne Montague Kings 75th birthday; something that was so special to be a part of. The week-long retreat was centred around World Confidence, with a focus on DMK’s vision to create confidence from the outside in. As skin therapists, we have a love and obsession for not only treating all skin conditions but working to create this confidence in our clients so that it will run much deeper than their skin. 

I joined the retreat knowing only a handful of people but came away with some lifelong, special friendships. There were so many opportunities to learn from this group with phenomenal amounts of knowledge between each and every person. I personally took away a lot when listening to DMK distributors from around the world. They discussed the array of skin conditions that present themselves in different genetics and how they address and treat them.

One of the other speakers who I was especially moved by was Stuart Harvey. Stuart represents the Harvey Milk Foundation, which DMK proudly sponsors. The Foundation’s activities focus around encouraging local, regional, national and global organisations to learn to support LGBT youth. There were many other incredible seminars that I attended, and I would go as far to say that they were the best educational and self-development sessions that I have ever attended (and I have attended a lot!).  

Whilst we had a chance to learn about others around the world, we were also able to celebrate the success of DMK Australia, which has been going for 20 years strong in the capable hands of Debbie and Daniel Dickson. These guys are one-of-a-kind, dedicating so much of their time to each clinic around Australia and continuing to be great mentors to me. It did not come as a surprise to me when they were awarded with the International DMK Award, for being No. 1 in Australia!  

Wow, what week It was! Although I told the husband it was strictly a business trip, we did have some free time exploring Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán and Cabo San Lucas, enjoying the sun, great food and a few cheeky cocktails. Along with my family, the thing I missed during the trip was my beautiful team and clients, so I am happy to be back at the clinic and continuing to offer the world’s best skin revision treatments with our DMK range.

In good skin health,

Nat x