Power of the DMK Transdermal Delivery System

DMK Homecare Prescriptives is the name we give the products you use at home.

DMK uses a layering system, and your prescription is normally 5-12 products, each one selected to target a different layer or function in the skin. While DMK’s in-clinic treatments focus on the ‘Remove and Rebuild’ stages, the homecare prescriptives ensure that you are ‘Maintaining and Protecting’.

DMK products are transdermal, meaning they penetrate into the voids of the skin where ingredients can be stored. This is much deeper than just sitting on the surface of the skin where normal cosmetic products lie. The body can then use these ingredients and nutrients during the day or night, as the body requires them. Pretty advanced! The products are used in conjunction with Herb and Mineral Mist. You can read all about this unique product here, which basically allows your oils and cremes to be penetrated into the deeper layers of the skin.  As it contains a high content of minerals and herbs, the solution becomes polarized (meaning it can break surface tension immediately) and acts as a carrier vehicle for your products to follow. This means all the vital nutrients are more effective.

DMK believes that most skin conditions are a result of disharmony or dysfunction within the skin. Using biochemistry and plant-based ingredients, the team at DMK have formulated their products, and professional treatments, to educate the skin to perform like youthful healthy skin, despite its age or condition! By matching formulations with the body’s chemistry, the skin is encouraged to respond and function in a positive manner – in other words, using ingredients that the body recognises and responds to. It’s just one of the many reasons we love DMK.