Red, Itchy Skin Around The Mouth?

Perioral Dermatitis, sounds serious right? For many suffering from this inflammatory skin condition it can be seriously annoying and painfully persistent.

What exactly is Periorial Dermatitis?

This is a form of skin inflammation commonly found around the mouth AKA Perioral area and in some more severe cases in the nose and eyes. It presents itself with a scaly red rash and can feel tender, stingy and even have a burning sensation. 

With the chances of either yourself or someone close to you suffering from Perioral Dermatitis being likely, lets’ have a look at the causes of this frustrating skin condition.

What causes PD?

  • Stress – Like most inflammatory skin conditions, stress is one of the big causes of PD. 
  • Diet – In particular, food intolerance that are not being dealt with can trigger PD.
  • Internal issues – Poor gut health with an overgrowth of bad bacteria knocking off the balance of good bacteria.
  • Fungal infection – Studies have found that the physical component of PD causing its rash could be a fungi infection.
  • Hormones – In some cases, suffers find that changes in hormones can also trigger PD.
  • Steroid Creams – One of the most common causes of Perioral Dermatitis is the use of steroid creams as they can impair the skins barrier and induce inflammation.
  • Harsh ingredients in products – Fragrances and other harsh synthetic ingredients such as Sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate found in some toothpastes, skin, hair and laundry products can lead to Perioral Dermatitis.

How is PD treated?

Along with addressing the above-mentioned causes such as diet and stress, here are some additional measures you can take to tackle this condition.

  • Introduce oral Pre and Probiotics along with Essential Fatty Acids into your daily routine
  • Performing a digestive tuneup with Regul8
  • See your skincare professional – At Euphoria we are passionate about correcting skin conditions like Perioral Dermatitis. We choose to treat PD using a series of DMK Alkaline Wash treatments along with a strict at home regime, including a barrier repair moisturiser,  DMK’s Enbioment Range (probiotic skincare) along with using Acu Masque mixed in with Actrol powder for 21 days straight. These combinations have seen some amazing results for our clients!

If you or a someone you know are suffering from Perioral Dermatitis, know there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we can tackle this frustrating condition! We are here to help and are available for Online Consultations. Get in touch!