The Enzyme Therapy Obsession!

What is Enzyme Therapy?

Enzyme Therapy is a rejuvenating skin treatment developed by DMK, using their unique technology. These wonder treatments aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in. The secret to DMK Enzyme therapy is its ability to restore skin to a peak condition.

How does Enzyme Therapy Work?

Enzyme application

Where most cosmetic facial treatments act only on the surface of the skin, DMK Enzyme Treatments work on the inner, deeper systems and structures of the skin which produce the skin that we can see. It does not cover up, or suppress skin imperfections, but treats them at their very foundation. The activity that produces new skin cells can become clogged, blocked, and slowed. Enzyme Treatments stimulate blood and lymphatic flow, which are the two main circulations of the body and are really important for great skin! The blood stimulation feeds nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood, and the lymphatics remove toxins, waste, and debris from in and around the cells. Hello, flawless skin! DMK’s Enzyme Therapy has become famous as it cleans and activates this powerhouse of skin production with its flushing effect and stimulates the manufacture of healthy cells. The skin revealed beneath is fresh, unpolluted skin – your skin in its unadulterated nature. 

Our Enzyme Therapy Treatments also recharge the skin cell ‘battery packs’, which create the skin’s energy. The treatments increase hydration in the skin and the results are quite amazing, even after your first enzyme experience: the skin looks bright, vibrant, and glowing. These treatments are amazing, and they are addictive!

Enzyme after 45 minutes

Is Enzyme Therapy Right for Me?

This unique treatment is beneficial for every skin; yep, absolutely everyone will experience incredible results! It’s ideal not only to refresh and rejuvenate the skin but also for age management and a wide variety of skin conditions like acne, rosacea pigmentation, and scarring. It clears the skin of underlying impurities that are at the root of many of these skin conditions. We are sure you will enjoy the DMK Enzyme Treatments, and we know you will love the results!

Rebuilding Your Skin’s Health

Prior to having strong treatments, Enzyme Therapy is used to prepare your skin’s health. Generally, these stronger treatments are used to exfoliate the deeper layers of your skin. Unfortunately, we are not onions and cannot keep peeling our skin! We need to rebuild as well. So, after stronger treatments, we also use Enzyme Therapy to rebuild your skin’s strength. 

Enzyme Treatment Levels

At Euphoria Skin, we provide a range of Enzyme Treatments including:

    • Restore ($220) – Ideal introduction to Enzyme Therapy
    • Glow ($245) – Combines Enzyme Therapy and a Skin Peel
    • Resurface ($280) – Utilises double the Peel action
    • Revise ($300) – Combines Enzyme Therapy with other powerful skin-altering treatments


Here’s what one of our beautiful clients had to say regarding her first experience:

“After just one Enzyme therapy treatment, my skin has never felt better. Instantly it was noticeably firmer, brighter, luminous and has a much more even texture. I’ve even been receiving compliments about how wonderful my skin looks from my friends and family!” – Kerrie

Skin directly after enzyme removal

If you want to experience one of these fabulous treatments, book online here. We can’t wait for you to experience its benefits!

How Can I Maximise My Results At Home?

Along with consistently using the Homecare Prescriptives, one of the best ways to maintain your skin between in-clinic enzyme therapy treatments is to perform The Ultimate Facial in your own home, using the Foamy Lift Kit (available to purchase in the clinic).