The Ultimate Guide to Zoom Ready Skin

Covid 19 has changed our lives in so many ways! With so many people now working from home it means the social norm is spending more time on never-ending zoom meetings. Shifting to this virtual platform means it’s time to up your online skin game! Here are a few simple tricks to getting your skin bright and glowing without the use of any filters (although if you aren’t aware they are many that can give everyone a good laugh!)


Exfoliate the night before

Exfoliating removes the build-up of old dead skin that sits on the surface of our skins. Not only can that build-up make your skin look dull, it can also stop your products from working to their full potential. So it’s something that’s important to do once a week – and if you have a zoom call coming up where you want to shine – get your scrub out the night before and let it work its magic!

Lira Iluminating Polisher $74


Boost your skin with a serum to bring out your inner glow

Discover a vivid complexion with this potent brightening serum. Lira’s Pro Lite Serum is my absolute favourite glow worthy serum! One pump each morning is enough to blind your co-workers through their screen from your skin glow. It works to magically lighten and brighten skin tone with Sea Fennel Plant Stem Cells, Gooseberry and Mulberry Extract for an illuminating power punch.

Lira Pro Lite $98


Feeling dehydrated or maybe had a few wines the night before?

Boost your hydration with a beauty oil! Beauty oils are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. They work! Our favourite is the Lira Mystiq illuminating beauty oil. Simply add a few drops of this golden liquid magic to your moisturiser and it will increase your skins moisture levels and leave you looking like the glowing goddess you are.

Lira Beauty Oil $129


Pop on a tinted moisturiser

Who doesn’t love a tinted moisturiser? Quick, simple and has your skin radiating with a dewiness that smooths and blurs imperfections. Lira’s BB Cream is our top pick. Full of anti-aging superstar ingredients it provides coverage -tick, SPF – tick, and lots of hydration tick, tick, tick.

Lira BB Tint $109


Bring out your features with a brow pencil

Your brows really do shape and structure your face. The best brow pencil I have ever used is Brow Magic. A universal colour that suits any brow colour, with a thin pencil tip that is very forgiving if you are new to brow pencil application. It will have your brows looking on point! We don’t personally stock Brow Magic but it’s easily picked up online.

Poni Brow Magic $32 


Muscle relaxant (shhhh we won’t tell anyone)

Are you noticing your frown lines looking more prominent through that unflattering webcam camera? Nurse Helen has become a good friend for many of our clients –  and that’s because 5 minutes with Helen and your frown lines will be no more. Your forehead will be smooth, brows lifted and if you have the ‘works’ even your crow’s feet will be sent on their way. We love nurse Helen because she treats conservatively but effectively – meaning your zoom team won’t suspect a thing! (Apart from thinking you’ve had a really, really good dose of beauty sleep!)

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