Turn Back the Clock with Skin Needling

We’ve all done it, looked at our nana’s skin and thought, ‘that will never happen to me. I’m young, my skin is tight, taught and terrific!’ Then suddenly one day, we look in the mirror and everything has started to go south. WHAT?! Sadly, this is an inevitable part of the ageing process – thanks heaps, gravity! Never fear however, because this is where we come in… to stop this terrifying life change in its tracks! Our in-clinic professional needling treatments are targeted at firming and rejuvenating the skin – read on to find out how!

What Is It and How Does It Work?

We love Dermapen Needling! This powerful treatment restores the skin’s youthful appearance through Direct Needle Therapy, quickly rejuvenating the skin by increasing the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are what is responsible for keeping the skin tight and firm.

Does It Hurt and Is There Any Downtime?

It sounds nasty, but it’s not, we promise; you will barely feel a thing. Skin needling creates micro channels into the layers of the skin to create a wound healing response. By creating a wound healing response, we alert the skin to start producing brand new, healthy collagen and elastin and to initiate tissue correction.

You may experience some light flaking or peeling, redness and skin sensitivity after your skin needling treatment. Don’t worry; this will only stick around for a couple of days and will be well worth it! And there you have it: there is an option to stop you looking like your nana before your time. Speak to your therapist today or email us to find out more about skin needling and tell gravity where to go! Want to know more about Skin Needling?! Jump over to our blog post on everything there is to know about Skin Needling.