Up Your At-Home Facial Routine

If you’ve been on the internet at all over the past twelve months, you’ll know that at-home facials have become the number one go-to for self-care – and we love it!

At-home facials are not only a way to de-stress and pamper yourself, but also a way to fast track your in-clinic results. Performing at-home facials in-between your appointments with us means you’re able to remove dead skin build up, promote a healthy and glowing complexion and ultimately maintain the hard work we’ve both achieved together on the treatment bed.

So, before we jump into our different facial and product recommendations, we thought we’d give you a general outline for every at-home facial.

The three essential steps.

First is cleansing. Double cleanse if you’ve been wearing makeup. Using a pea sized amount, massage your cleanser in for about 30 seconds, then remove with water or a wet washer and pat dry.

Now the fun stuff, exfoliating! This step will help to remove dead skin cells, encourage healthy blood flow and refine the skin’s texture. Again, a pea sized amount is usually enough. Massage into the skin for around 30-60 seconds. Some exfoliants call to be left on for a while, so check the packaging or ask your skin therapist if you’re not sure. Remove as above and pat dry.

I hope you have your cucumber slices ready – it’s time to mask! You’re most likely going to want about the size of a 10 or 20-cent piece here. Apply with your fingers or a brush to the full face. For most masks, you’ll need to leave it on for about 20 minutes. Use this time to read a book, catch up on your favourite TV show or even sit back and relax in a cozy bath. You could also opt to sleep in your mask for increased intensity! 

We recommend performing an at-home facial once per week. If you’re finding yourself dealing with pesky breakouts and congestion, we recommend upping this to every three days. There’s an at-home facial for everyone! Here’s some of our faves. Now, let’s pop on the spa music, turn down the lights and get our facial on!

If you’re chasing hydrated skin

For dry or dehydrated skin

CleanserMystic Illuminating Cleanser ($79.00) – This milk, hydrating cleanser will be like cleansing with cream. It is non-stripping and leaves your skin soft and clean.

ExfoliantMystic Illuminating Polisher ($74.00) – Polish your way to pore perfection. This gentle, exfoliating and brightening masque and scrub promotes a youthful glow while minimising pore appearance.

MaskBio Hydrating Mineral Mask ($85.00) – This ultra-hydrating, gel mask nourishes skin back to health with advanced mineral technology, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and green tea.

Top tip: This mask can be left on overnight for serious glow-worthy skin!

If you’re dreaming of glowing skin

For dull and devitalised skin – go-to for special occasions

CleanserBrightening Foaming Cleanser ($65.00) – This foaming cleanser features a brightening complex to thoroughly cleanse and illuminate the skin, leaving the complexion looking radiant. 

ExfoliantDual Microfoliant ($83.00) – This dual-action exfoliator leaves the skin looking visibly refined, smooth, polished and more luminous in appearance.

MaskEnergising Mask ($78.00) – This complexion pick me-up revives and energises tired complexions. It is recommended for use all over the face, neck, eye and décolletage.

Top tip: Sleep in the mask overnight for a bright, energised complexion in the morning!

If clear skin is your goal

For breakout-prone skin

CleanserLira Sal Cleanser ($79.00) – Refresh and calm skin with this cooling and oil-reducing cleanser. It lightens the appearance of pigment from blemishes and prevents the spread of acne.

ExfoliantLira Clarifying Scrub ($79.00) – It is a gentle, exfoliating scrub that polishes away dirt and oil on the face and body. It manages acne with a combination of natural exfoliating elements and soothing ingredients.

MaskLira Refining Mask ($79.00) – Refine pores and reduce oil production with this soothing, clay-based masque. A combination of Salicylic Acid, Plant Stem Cells and more helps to calm skin and manage acne.

If you’re ready to calm the skin right down

For irritated and inflamed skin

CleanserDMK Milk Cleanser ($72.50) – This milky cleanser is ideal for fragile, irritated skins. Cleansing and calming without stripping, it will leave your skin hydrated and soft.

MaskAcu Mask ($76.00) – If your skin is feeling inflamed, skip the exfoliant! This super go-to mask not only acts as a mask but also has exfoliating powers that won’t irritate if the skin is inflamed, red or irritated.

Not sure which one is best for you!? Get in touch for go-to skin advice. Know what you want! Order here and they will be sent straight to your door.

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