Why Do I Need a Skin Consultation?

Tell Me Straight – Why the Skin Consultation?

We recommend every new skin client starts with a skin consultation. This allows us to diagnose the cause of skin conditions so we can treat your skin effectively. It’s the perfect starting point: our expertly trained and qualified therapist can get to know you and your skin and help identify the best solution for you to get the results you deserve, along with a personalised prescription for homecare. This consultation is reviewed as needed or at least every 6 months as skin conditions can change with seasons, medications, health and so much more.

What Does a Skin Consultation Entail?

The consultation process is all about investigating WHY the skin is the way it is. We do not just treat the skin condition, but the reason it occurred in the first place. We look at your health, medication, stress levels, sleep, digestion, current skin routine and other factors that may be contributing to your skin health (or lack thereof). We also use our Observ skin analysing machine to look at the deeper layers of the skin and take photos (which we continuously do throughout your skin program). The best bit? Being able to show you the improvements!

What is the Observ?

Our state-of-the-art Observ skin analysing machine allows us to diagnose skin conditions below the surface. The deeper layers of your skin are shown close up, allowing a more detailed visual view of the different skin conditions and concerns that you may have. We use this device to provide you with education to understand your skin.

Why Take Photos?

This is incredibly important as we can track the results of your skin as we treat it effectively. It is a tool for the monitoring of progress of your treatments, so we can show images of your skin before and after your treatment plan. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your skin improvements! As therapists, nothing excites us more than seeing your results.

Cost of a Skin Consultation?

The cost of a skin consultation is $70. Are you results ready? What are you waiting for? Book here for a Skin Consultation today!