Why on Earth Do I Need to Use a Spray with My Moisturiser?

If you have just started your skin journey with DMK, you probably have many questions about their different (but seriously effective!) approach to skincare. One of the most popular questions we receive in the clinic is why on earth you now have to use a spray with your moisturising Creme. I can almost guarantee you have never had to do this before, but I can also guarantee you won’t go back!

Most moisturisers that you’ll find on the supermarket shelf are topical; this means they are applied to the surface of the skin and that is where they will sit to provide you with moisture and an occlusive protective layer. With DMK Cremes, they have been formulated so that – when combined with the Herb and Mineral Mist – instead of remaining on the surface of the skin, they penetrate deep into the skin. How does it do this?

With such a high content of minerals and herbs, the solution becomes polarised, allowing it to immediately break surface tension. The best way to think of your Mist is as the “vehicle” that carries the nutrients and delivers them deep into the voids of the skin where they are going to be most useful. Once the Creme has penetrated, it sits in the deeper layers of the skin, where it releases what your skin needs, when it needs it. It works for up to 8 hours, perfect from when applied in the morning to when you finish up the day with your homecare regime and all through the night. This means you can provide around-the-clock nutrients to your skin.

One of the main differences you will find with your DMK Creme is that it won’t feel as occlusive or heavy on the skin. It is different, but don’t fret, it can take up to 6 weeks before you get used to the way the Creme sits; and we are certain that when you experience the results, you won’t ever want to go back!