Would Somebody Think of the Pores?!

What Is Your Makeup Doing to Your Skin?

Do me a favour – grab your bottle of foundation and check the ingredients list. Do you know what these ingredients do? If you are suffering from a skin condition such as acne, reactiveness or congestion – the most probable answer is, you’re suffocating it! We all love the flawless finish the big name brand foundations give our skin. But did you know the very same ingredients used to create this could actually be what is suffocating your skin?!

Introducing Lycogel – Offering Breathable Coverage!

We have recently welcomed Lycogel into the clinic and are super impressed. What’s not to love about a brand that uses puns like this: ‘Quality is our foundation’?! Apart from their admirable use of puns, Lycogel has impressed us with their range of quality breathable Tints, Camouflages and Concealers. Yep, that’s right, ‘breathable’! This means they do not clog your pores and will let your skin actually breathe, which is very important for healthy skin. If that’s not reason enough to be intrigued, they also contain the LYCO-Complex (12 active ingredients) to promote oxygen, moisture and nutrient infusion. Covering (yes, pun intended!) beauty and skin health in one. Plus, of course, they look great on the skin. Each product contains medical-grade silicon to give the skin a flawless finish.

How Do I Apply Lycogel?

For best results, apply the Camouflage onto hydrated skin, straight after moisturising. Personally, I use my hands to apply the concealer and tint, but use a brush to apply the Camouflage. I know others who use their hands to apply everything, which is totally fine, too. It’s just about finding an application that works for you. You may need to have a few tries to get it perfect…. but once you do, you won’t go back! If you have oilier skin, you will especially love Lycogel’s amazing staying power. Lycogel products are non-transferable, meaning they won’t slide all over your face (or onto your collar). They are gym and beach-friendly!

How Will Using the Right Makeup Help Fix My Skin?

Created especially with skin therapists in mind, Lycogel goes hand-in-hand with skin revision. It really does make our jobs a whole lot easier, and your results a great deal quicker to achieve when you cut bad foundation out of your daily routine. We actually encourage you to cover up the things you don’t like about your skin, while we are treating it! You see, when we look in the mirror and don’t like what we see this triggers the production of our stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for hormonal fluxes in the skin and inflammation, making skin conditions worse. So if you are on the look-out for a forever foundation, chat to us in clinic about Lycogel. We’ll happily colour match to ensure you walk out the door with your perfect shade. And we’ll breathe easy (yes sorry pun intended… AGAIN!) knowing your skin is being treated with respect by your makeup.

The History Behind Lycogel

  • 2004 – Lycogel launches for post-procedure care in the medical aesthetics arena.
  • 2008 – Lycogel products become available to the general public for everyday wear.
  • 2015 – Lycogel gains a worldwide following and their fans demand more! Additional products are added to the range, to keep up with the demand.