Yep, Your Skin May Feel Rubbish. But I Promise, You Will Love Me For It!

‘Alkaline’… it may take you back to the days of science classes at school, and if you’re anything like me then that’s a scary thought! But for us skin nerds, ‘alkaline’ simply screams SKIN TRANSFORMATION! For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing a DMK Alkaline wash, here’s everything you need to know… and believe me, you want to know!

What is an Alkaline Wash?

Alkaline is a skin treatment that works by increasing the skin’s PH level right up to 12, which then softens, swells and dissolves everything in its path! For serious resurfacing, this two-phase treatment gently removes excess cell build-up, resurfacing pigmented or scarred skin. It also releases inflammation and helps to kill acne bacteria for clear, flawless skin. It’s even effective at treating Rosacea; impressively versatile huh?!

Sounds a Bit Scary, What Does It Feel Like?

An alkaline treatment is surprisingly very comfortable. You may feel a slight prickly sensation while the wash is on the skin, but that’s about it. 

Really? That’s It? But What About After the Treatment?

Hmmm yes… ok, after the treatment your therapist probably won’t be your favourite person. After all, your skin MAY feel like shit, depending of the level of resurfacing preformed! Let’s not sugar coat it, your skin will feel rubbery, become rough, tight, feel sensitive and could even develop scabs. If you are prone to breakouts, you may even be accompanied by a few new friends. You will not love us at this moment. But never fear, nothing lasts forever and your skin will come good after 3-10 days. After your treatment, you will need to tweak your homecare routine slightly, putting your actives like Revitison aside and hooking up with your new bestie, the calming Beta Gel. Your therapist will prescribe anti-inflammatory hero, Contraderm after more intensive treatments. By day three, you will want to slough off that rough, rubbish skin using Micro Peel at home. We’ll also welcome you with open arms into the clinic for an SOS LED Light Therapy during this time if needed. And yes, it is all totally worth it, trust us! Just in case you don’t though, here is some proof (results in 3 months) …

How Much Does an Alkaline Wash Treatment Cost?

There are 2 options. A Clean and Clear treatment ($200) including an Alkaline Wash and Acu Masque or Revise Enzyme Treatment ($300) including an Alkaline Wash, Enzyme Therapy Treatment + Nutritional Infusion.

Plus, our encouragement and support, because we know you will thank us for it!