Finally Say Goodbye to Stubborn Pigmentation with Cosmelan!

Pigmentation isn’t fun. Whether it’s caking on the concealer to try and hide it, or trying to embrace it (which we never wholeheartedly do), we all just want it gone.

Imagine waking up in the morning and cleansing your skin to reveal a fresh even skin tone. It would be dreamy, right? Just moisturise, pop on a coat of mascara and you’re done. If you deal with pigmentation, whether it’s hormonal or a delightful gift from the sun, I bet your morning ritual isn’t as simple as that. Am I right? Well I am super excited to say that there is now a solution… say hello and welcome to Cosmelan!

Cosmelan is a one-off treatment, designed to treat all types of pigmentation; you can find out about all of the different types of pigmentation here.  It is suitable for all skin types and works to lighten and brighten the skin. Hello radiant, even complexion!

This treatment works by stopping the formation of pigmentation and dramatically reducing the appearance of pigmentation on the surface of the skin. Most peels will work only on the pigmentation you can see on the surface – Cosmelan will also ensure pigment hiding under the skin, just waiting to grace us with its presence, is also addressed. Let me walk you through the process… The Cosmelan mask is applied and stays on the skin for eight hours – yes, eight! You will look like you have been dipped in honey, so maybe do the groceries beforehand. The application takes roughly 30 minutes – easy. Once the eight hours are up, you will wash the mask off at home. Now the fun begins!

There is no denying it, there is downtime associated with this treatment; so you will want to plan your social calendar around this. Over the next 2-7 days, you will experience light to heavy peeling, redness, sensitivity and mild swelling. This peeling can last 2-3 weeks post-treatment. Don’t worry, we will be there right with you throughout the process to equip you with everything you need to get you through this period comfortably!

 Honestly, if pigmentation is your bugbear, this small amount of downtime in comparison to the amazing results are totally worth it! Just check out these before and after photos of the lovely Kirsty… I know, phenomenal right?! You can also check out Marie’s detailed 10 day Cosmelan journey here.

So how much does Cosmelan cost? The cost of a Cosmelan Peel is $1,500 and includes:

  • The Cosmelan Peel 
  • 4x LED Light Therapy treatments
  • 6 prescriptive homecare products

Sound enticing? Contact us for a detailed consultation and let’s finally get that stubborn pigmentation sorted for you!