Your Skin Through the Ages

Growing old is inevitable; looking old isn’t! How to care for your skin through your 20’s-50+. Our skin changes as we age, and so should your approach to skincare and skin health. Skin ageing is a fact of life, we are all in this together, and everyone will face it sooner or later. Your skincare routine or in-clinic skin treatments that worked for you in your early 20’s may lose efficacy. Whether you notice loss of bounce or volume, a few fine lines here and there, or discolouration where it never used to be, these changes can be pretty stressful.  In our younger years, our bodies naturally produce collagen, which improves skin elasticity and gives it its glow and plumpness.  What may surprise you is after the age of 20, we begin to produce 1% less collagen each year. The lack of collagen results in the signs of ageing – wrinkles, sagging skin, and even stiff joints. These are all signs our body is producing less collagen.   


The biggest skin concern we hear from our clients in their 20’s is the dullness in their skin. This can be caused by sun exposure (although they are primarily on their A-Game with excellent sunscreen practices), lack of sleep, stress, or genetics.  Your 20s are essential to start a decent active skincare routine, preparing your skin for the times ahead and forming good habits. Although fine lines may not be present daily, sunscreen is a must. I suggest a minimum of an SPF30+. The most beneficial ingredients to tick off the list are an AHA-based serum or topical retinol to encourage gentle exfoliation and cell turnover addressing dullness.  This is an excellent time to get started on regular skin treatments. A monthly visit to the clinic for a professional strength treatment can quickly and effectively address dull, tired, clogged, breakout-prone skin. My go-to pick of treatments is our Glow & Repair. Glow & Repair 50 minutes | $199 Create an instant glow with this luxurious treatment revealing more brighter and healthier-looking skin. Combined with LED light therapy, this advanced customized skin treatment is suitable for all skins.  


Your 30s is a transitional time as your skin is entirely post-puberty. You will begin to see signs of aging and sun damage that occurred in your teens. This includes fine lines around the eyes, and loss of volume in the cheeks. Our skin’s collagen production and repair system also slow down, resulting in dullness and skin which appears thinner & less tight. This can also make facial redness more noticeable.  In addition to a custom prescriptive active homecare routine, Vitamin C is your BFF. Packed with antioxidants to rewind the clock, this highly effective active ingredient also strengthens the capillary network in the skin and stimulates new collagen production.  Skin Needling, a go-to for many of our clients in their 30s, works on all layers of the skin. Making small channels into the skin’s surface stimulates new activity in  the skin structure, including cell turnover to reveal plumper skin, inhibits melanin production to reduce pigmentation and discolouration and increases collagen for firmer, glowing skin.  P.S. 30’s is also the most common age to start anti-wrinkle injections to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. ‘Prevention is better than cure’. 

Skin Needling 50 minutes | $299 Skin needling is one of the best age management treatments available on the market today, as it is powerful in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Using collagen induction

therapy to stimulate cell regeneration and increase your natural collagen production, the results are highly visible and long-lasting.


This is the time we see clients experiencing real changes in the firmness of their skin. Dealing with the loss of volume and elasticity, seeing more pronounced wrinkles and sun damage. While you may start to want to invest in aesthetic treatments, we see the most successful results with a mix of in-clinic treatments, homecare products, cosmetic injectables and lifestyle adjustments to support the results from treatments.    Vitasol Collagen Powder and Essential Fatty Acids play an important role in supporting hydration, elasticity and ageing skin from the inside, out. Laser Genesis is an ideal choice of skin treatment for actively working against the signs of aging, helping to induce new collagen & elastin production in the deeper layers of the skin whilst expertly targeting facial redness and discolouration. Nurse Helen our inhouse injector typically sees her clients coming in for filler to assist with loss of volume and anti-wrinkle injections for deeper set lines and wrinkles. 

 Laser Genesis

30 minutes| $299 Reduce redness and rosacea, shrink pores, smooth wrinkles and improve skin texture, tone and the appearance of scars with our popular Laser Genesis™ treatment. You’ll finish this treatment with a vibrant, healthy-looking complexion.

50’s and beyond

Post menopause, our bodies experience a hormone shift with declining estrogen levels. This can affect our appearance as our skin starts to become thinner, and we begin to see a loss of collagen production decline to 2% each year, making our skin less elastic. Dryness and sun spots also become more noticeable as our cell turnover slows and dead cells accumulate.   With skincare, it’s essential to help retain moisture in the skin. Milk cleansers and moisturisers with peptides, ceramides and fatty acids are encouraged.   50 is a huge milestone; life is just beginning! You should feel empowered to invest in yourself. In your 50’s, you’ll be dealing with hormone changes, loss of volume and bone density and photoaging (aging resulting from sun exposure over the years). Be kind to yourself; you are beautiful the way you are. Celebrate your best features and your skin health rather than attempting to rewind the clock 30 years.   Our clients in their 50’s have a solid homecare plan working to strengthen and retain moisturise levels. Along with vitamins A,B,C. Active skincare includes Vitamin A to firm & plump the skin, Vitamin B to hydrate & repair and Vitamin C to rebuild and protect.   Fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are common, along with skin needling to firm. We have seen some amazing results with our Lumecca and our Cutera Excel V+ Laser in smoothing and softening fine lines, treating facial redness, and pigmentation + age spots. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Pre-Course-1024x256.png Still not sure? Reach out to our professional Skin Therapists for a personalised skin consultation suited directly to your concerns.  BONUS TIP:  No matter what age you are a key tip to maintaining a youthful appearance is simply getting some rest, select water as your go-to drink and eat a nutritious diet! Drinking enough water daily replenishes your skin’s tissue and cells, allowing for younger and healthier-looking skin. When you sleep, your body continuously releases hormones that promote cell turnover and renewal.