How Often Should You Change Up Your Skincare Products?

Seasonally, yearly, conditionally… ?

It’s easy to find something you love and stick with it. We are often creatures of habit, so it’s not uncommon to want to establish and stick to routine, especially when it comes to skincare. It often takes time to try out new products, find ones that work, and create a solid routine that makes you and your skin feel good.

However, while consistency is key, it is also beneficial to try out new things, switch it up, and make sure you are not being overly stagnant in your skincare regimen.

Now, first things first. If you are happy and your skin is happy, then remember this quote, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!”. If you have found a routine that you enjoy, and your skin is on the same page – stick with it! Consistency is key and being in-tune with what your skin likes will mean you’ll know when it’s time for a switch up!

However, if you feel like you may be ready to break up, cheat, or have an open relationship with your skincare (we don’t judge!), here are some tips:

Drab to fab!

Sometimes we see our client’s skin plateau. This is a sign that we need to excite the skin again. Yep, the skin gets bored too! This may mean introducing a new product, or even a new range of products. Sometimes, it is as simple as mixing things up with the current routine order.

A change of season

Seasonal weather changes are a big indicator that it may be time to swap some things out.


In winter, everything becomes dry with the cold air outside, constant heating indoors as well as indulging in the irresistible, hot, steamy showers. This leads to dry, flaky, dehydrated skin and is the perfect time to bring in a hydrating oil, nourishing mask, or thick luxurious night cream. Read more about staying hydrated in the colder months HERE.


Hello to the warmer weather! This is time we emerge from hibernation (staying within the current covid restrictions of course) as the days become longer and the sun is shining bright. In Spring our skin can still be a little dehydrated from the cooler winter months so having a hydrating serum on hand is a must along with getting your skin glow game happening. Or top tip to get your skin glowing is to invest in a brightening serum and keep up with your at-home facials once to twice a week. At-home facials are the perfect solution to keep your skin in check until we return from lockdown!


In Summer, skin gets naturally more hydrated. With more humidity in the air, our skin naturally secretes more oil. This could mean it’s time to switch to a lighter moisturiser or up the ante with your exfoliating game.

Ticked the next age bracket recently?

Filled out a questionnaire lately? Have you gone to tick your age bracket and realised you’ve moved up a group? It might be time to take a look at your routine and see if it’s still right for your skin. Whether your concerns are changing more towards age management, or there are hormonal fluctuations to consider, this could be the time for a skincare overhaul to try something new.

So, what now? If there have been any, “YES!”, moments – get in touch. We can help you mix things up! A good place to start is with a skin consultation (if you’re new to the clinic) or a complimentary check-in (if you’re a current client of the clinic). The great thing is that we aren’t brand specific at the clinic, so we have loads of mix and match solutions customizable just for you.

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