Marie’s Journey with the Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment

Before we take you through the highs, lows and AMAZING results of Marie’s journey with the Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment, in case you missed it, check out our blogs giving you the low down on all things cosmelan and pigmentation

Day 1

Before Treatment Application

Today is a ME day and I’m off to Euphoria Skin to begin my Cosmelan treatment. In exactly 13 days I’ll be 46 years old. Holy Moly!! That’s 4yrs off the big five zero!!! I was pumped! Ready for my appointment with Natalie at 10.30am. Ready for this treatment to help remove the trauma spots that my face that had developed over the years. But, most off al,l I was ready to take this plunge, trust the guidance of Nat (as I always do) and treat my skin to look and feel sensational. I can’t wait!

Straight After Treatment Application

Treatment has been applied. Mask to remain on for 10hours! I jumped in the car with two thoughts:
1. Ok Marie, you need to remember all the valid steps that Nat has asked you to do at home. Be diligent and must apply morning and night
2. Damn I hope I get home without being pulled over by a police officer! Note to self, drive extra carefully and no speeding.

Within an hour of the treatment I started feeling a stinging sensation. Firstly around my cheek bones and later travelled down my cheeks. This was bearable, just a sensation. Then the dryness and slight cracking on areas of the mask. Sprayed water as instructed by the lovely Nat.

10 Hours Post Treatment Application

As the last hours progressed my eyes began to sting more and I could feel a burn sensation on my face. By 10hrs I was ready to wipe this mask off. The mask removed very easily. The warm water softened the mask and the sting sensation eased. My face actually felt and looked good. After I had finishing applying all the products to my face it felt sun burnt and my eyes still stung a little. Phase one was complete, and now to do what any normal girl should do on a ME day…. enjoy a glass of Shiraz. I raised my glass, cheers to Cosmelan, cheers to the next 10 days and cheers to the endless unattractive close up face photos. 

Day 2

24hrs after the mask had been removed my skin felt very hot, looked very red and slightly swollen on the cheeks and jaw line. Like the most intense sunburnt feeling! There were times where it also began to get a little itchy. I knew not to even think of scratching, as my skin was too raw to touch and that was one of the three ‘No No’s’ Nat emphasised NOT to do. Another was squeezing, which OMG, I found so hard to control as there was a big fat ripe pimple on the side of my forehead that was dying to explode. After applying my night cleanse my skin reacted immediately. The skin hardened, the swelling got worse and my cheeks had bumps over them. My thoughts were all over the place, like a yoyo. Oh Marie, just message her! And so I did! Nat replied straight away to tell me what I was going through is completely normal, advised me of a few helpful tips to sooth the swelling and assured me everything is fine. Great, I thought! My face isn’t going to explode like a nuclear bomb!! Now I can sleep. Thanks Nat xx

Day 4

Today I’ve woken red, swollen and peeling. Peeling like a snake shreds is skin. The swelling has gone down a little….. I take another look in the mirror…. Actually it really hasn’t. Wishful thinking I guess!! I’m still very swollen around the cheeks and under the eyes. However the hardness has subsided a little. The skin feels softer and no longer sore. As I finish my morning cleanse and I think to myself ’This actually looks worse that what it feels but either way thank God I’ve arranged to work from home this week!’



Day 5

The peeling is still visible and 60% of the swelling has gone. The blasted double chin is still there though!!! Skin looks red however I no longer feel sunburnt or radiating heat. The afternoon entailed a quick visit to Euphoria Skin for some LED treatment. 13 mintues under the light I could seriously feel my cells bouncing with excitement. Strange feeling but it was like my face was really enjoying the boost. 

Day 6

Last night sleep was crazy. My face was so itchy and I needed a scratch but of course I new not to touch. Not even the slightest. So I slept with my hands tucked under my body. Itchy, this is a great sign! Means my skin is healing.

Day 7

Feeling great! The swelling has gone down a lot, maybe 10% left. Whilst I sleep my face is itchy and I did wake scratching my chin!!! Hands were quickly tucked under my pillow. I’m still peeling and red but my skin is softer. I’m sticking to my regime of yoga, mediation, healthy food and chocolate. Off to Euphoria for another LED session and I’m pumped.



Day 8

I’m starting to notice the benefits of this treatment. Despite the skin still red and peeling the skin is looking a lot clearer and healthier. Reflecting back I’m quite astonished with the different phases the body will go through to heal. The way my face may appear in the morning was very different to the evening. Full stream ahead my body went to work to repair and rejuvenate my skin cells. How bloody amazing!!!

This is given me nothing but full respect for my body. It truly is a temple and this has kindly reminded me to look after it physically and mentally.

Day 10

Looking fantastic!!!! I’m so happy with the way things are unfolding. Another shade lighter from the redness, still peeling but not as intense. Skin look so clear and healthy. Can certainly see improvements especially in the green marked areas. It’s been quite a journey. From a tired, worn appearance to now a more fresh and vibrant. I welcome turning 46 with open arms!