What Goes Where? Layer Ultraceuticals Products Like A Pro!

It is so exciting to get stuck into your newly purchased Ultraceuticals skincare routine! It can, however, be quite frustrating when you get stuck at the first step – knowing which order your products go onto the skin? The skin is such a complex organ and so its not uncommon these days that your skincare routine will include applying several different products before you even get to your moisturiser.

Do not worry, we are here to decipher exactly what goes where. It can take a little practice to get it right, but if you follow these steps below it will be a cinch in no time.

1. Cleanse 

Eye Make Up Remover, Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser, Gel Balancing Cleanser, Hydrating Milk Cleanser, Brightening Foaming Cleanser and Micellar B2

It goes without saying, cleansing sits at number one. Morning and night, this is the first step before applying any other products. Remember to do a double cleanse if you are removing heavy make-up – working the cleanser into the skin for a good 30 seconds and removing well with warm water and a gentle face washer or towel.

2. Mist

Hydrating Skin Mist

Think of your skin as a sponge, a dry sponge does not absorb anything really. This is the same as our skin and is why we incorporate this Skin Mist into our routine before we apply any products – to allow the skin to absorb the nutrients from other subsequent products. Plus, it just feels amazingly refreshing – a great skin pick me up!

3. Eyes

Moisturising Eye Cream, Firming Eye Cream or Perfecting Eye Cream

Possibly one of the most forgotten of the skincare steps, but oh so important! It’s the area of face that the first signs of ageing occur so we must protect and nourish it to avoid those pesky crow’s feet. Your therapist will let you know which eye cream is best for you and when to apply, AM or PM.

4. Treat #1

Even Skintone Serum, Brightening Serum, Clearing Lotion or Resurfacing & Pore Refining Serum

Depending on which of these serums your skin professional has prescribed for your skin needs, this is your liquid exfoliant and the first serum you would apply. These lightweight serums will evaporate into the skin, making it possible for other serum to be apply over the top.

5. Treat #2

C Firming Serum, C Firming Concentrate and Skin Perfecting Serums

Vitamin C being a great skin protective should always be applied in the morning and Skin Perfecting A Serum which fights against the signs of aging and tackles acne (vitamin A) is applied at night.

6. Protect 

Protective Anti-Oxidant Complex and B2 Hydrating Serum

As the name suggests these products protect the skin. B2 Hydrating serum to hydrate, rejuvenate and repair the skin. Protective Anti-Oxidant Complex protects the skin from the free radical damage we are faced with whilst out in the environment. This step is applied over the top of your serums in the morning providing extra protection and under your final step, SPF.

7. Moisturise and SPF

Protective Daily Moisturiser, Hydrating Lotion, Ultra Moisturiser, Rich Moisturiser, Brightening Moisturiser or Even Skintone Moisturiser

Ultra’s range of PDMs contain 30+ or 50+ SPF and are a critical step in everyone’s daily skincare routine. This is applied as your final product for the morning. Hydrating Lotion, Ultra Moisturiser, Rich Moisturiser, Brightening Moisturiser or Even Skintone Moisturiser are your night-time creams applied in the evening.

There you have it, 7 simple steps to achieving amazing skin! In reality, this routine should only take you five minutes, morning and night, and will be well worth it when you see the results.